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Nathan Runge

Hello, my name is Nathan Runge and welcome to my web site. I am the Managing Director of Ozymandias Australia Pty Ltd, a small independent development studio based in Sydney, Australia. Within the game development industry I am a strong advocate for improved business practices, educational outcomes and accountability.

Previously this domain would have delivered you to my game development portfolio. Since that time I have reintroduced my personal and political blog. This new page contains my writings about aspects of life outside of game development, most commonly political theories, policy recommendations, contemporary events and analysis.

Over the coming weeks and months I will be updating both sections with new themes, focusing on readability and functionality. New content will be added, focusing initially on bringing my portfolio into step with my current skills and work. If you're here to view my design and development work, I hope you'll find it impressive. You'll also find industry-related writings in my portfolio. If you're here to better understand my views on life, the world and politics, I hope you find them interesting.

Nathan Runge

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